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Medical Equipment Suppliers

Medical equipment suppliers industry in Australia has grown tremendously over the last few years. This is attributed to the trust in which manufactures of the equipment have exerted in producing high standard medical equipment, the same is replicated to the medical equipment suppliers for shipping standard products from trusted manufacturers in Australia. The growth in the medical equipment industry in Australia is due to the escalating demand for medical equipment by the newly developed health centers by the federal government, non-governmental organisations and private health clinics. The government policies on healthcare systems to ensure every citizen has access to health facilities has resulted in a high demand for medical equipment which translates to a booming business to suppliers and manufacturers of the latter.

The major clients for medical equipment suppliers are medical centers, public institutions, teaching and referral hospitals, private clinics, children nursing homes, and general medical practitioners all over Australia.

They supply sophisticated medical equipment that meets all the standards stipulated in ASTM standards. Some of this equipment is incorporated with medical software that will give an accurate diagnosis for better prescription and medical dispensation. Only professionals can interpret the information from computerised equipment.

Categories of Medical Equipment

Diagnostic equipment

There is a wide range of medical diagnostic devices used for monitoring pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature, weight measure, etc. These kinds of equipment include stethoscopes, scales, x-ray, ultrasound, dopplers and imaging equipment.

Medical Equipment

There is a wide range of medical equipment available in the stores today, state-of-the-art equipment and highly sophisticated only designed with your needs in consideration to make your life comfortable again. Some of the examples include sterilisation kit, defibrillation, therapy, cryosurgery, nebulisation, exercise and rehabilitation, bags and cases, suction and irrigation, electro-surgery, CPR Resuscitation, lighting, and others.

Medical Furniture and Fittings

These are objects like beds, light stands, etc., that ease operation on patients or make accessibility to ailing areas reachable by a healthcare professional for ease of examination or treatment. Some of the samples of furniture and fittings include the bed, coaches, tables, lighting, stands, setup tools, screen curtains, vaccine fridges, waste disposal kit, and others.

Wound Care

Different kinds of would need different attention and treatment and from different specialists. Depending on the size of the opening, the depth of the wound, etc, the medical wound specialist will employ different approaches and medical devices to dress and treat wounds. Some samples of the devices and equipment used in the treatment of wounds include wound closure, bandages, gauze, and non-woven, first-aid and basic dressing, advanced dressing 1, advanced dressing 2, manufacturer, tapes, sutures, orthopedics, irrigation solutions, scratches, and others.

Surgical Instruments

These are instruments required by a medical practitioner to perform either open surgery or theatre operation procedures that need special attention and specialised procedures. When a practitioner has access to standard surgery instruments in a full set, he/she will perform a range of surgical operation that the patient may require, but with limited instruments then limited options are left for them and they will choose optimum available options to save the patient.

Examples of surgical instruments and devices include forceps, needle holders, needles, scissors, disposable or sterile instruments, scalpels and others, gynae, and proctology, biopsy, probes and applicators, podiatry instruments, other surgical instruments, curettes among others. 

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate to healthcare facilities the fact that they can get standardised medical equipment here in Australia, they should be wary of those unscrupulous manufacturers who manufacture shoddy equipment. They should do a thorough background check of the suppliers and manufactures before placing orders.  They should look for medical equipment suppliers that have a clean reputation and provides high quality supplies.