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How to become a certified midwife

How to become a certified midwife

One of the most respected professions in the world is that of midwives. They assist in the process of childbirth all over the world and considering the fact that this happens millions of times in a year, midwives are valued for excellent reasons. Without midwives, the rates of infant and maternal mortality will be far worse than what it is now. It is a life-saving profession, and it is no surprise at all that many are interested in joining the ranks of the midwives. This brings to mind one of the most common questions concerning this: how to become a certified midwife. This article is going to go into detail regarding the best ways to go about it.

  Just as it is required of other professions, there are also steps involved in joining the profession of midwives. In order to get the best chances at success, it is always best for the prospective candidates to start everything early. Mainly, the journey starts from the high school where the student has to choose the right mix or combination of subjects. This combination can be biology, chemistry and physics. For high school students who may not be too sure of the correct mix of subjects that they are supposed to go for in the pursuit of their careers to become midwives, the best thing to do is to seek the opinion and advice of the school counsellor.

 Once a student has been able to pass all the high school exams, the next thing is to go to college or university and get proper training on how to become a midwife. In some nations, there are dedicated schools or institutions that focus solely on midwifery. Such schools are also degree-issuing institutions and to get into any of them, a candidate applies and then sits for the entrance examinations. For those who scale through the initial exams, they are offered admission.

  Now, it must be stated that the training and operation of midwives are governed by laws that differ from country to country. In some countries, it can be as short as one year while it can take up to four years in some other countries. Therefore, the duration of your midwifery training will depend on the laws or regulations in your country or territory. For brilliant students who want to be midwives but do not have the financial strength, there are several educational grants, scholarships and other forms of financial assistance that they can take advantage of. For students who also passed the entrance exams with flying colours, they can also take advantage of the same. After graduation from school, you become a certified midwife. Some also register with the official national association for higher levels of certifications.