Qualities to look for with Maroubra Dentists

Qualities to look for with Maroubra Dentists

If you are considering a dentist in Maroubra, you need to look at one that has a desire to help people. Maroubra dentists to look for should combine the qualities of being a scientist, a caring provider, and an artist at the same time.

A dentist combining these qualities ensures good dental work for all the needs your teeth to keep them clean, strong, and healthy.

A dentist can be considered top-of-the-line in his chosen field if he/she possesses the following qualities, to include:

A people person

A dentist is the last person people want to see. Only an emergency could often force people to make an appointment with a dentist. This means that a good dentist should be one that can make people comfortable and safe. He/she should have a personable and likable personality not only for the patients but for the office staff as well.

A dentist who works closely with their hygienists, assistants, and other office staff is one way to determine if he/she possesses the important people personality.

Strong communication skills

One of the skills a good dentist has to have is excellent communication skills. A dentist having this skill places him/her in a good position to educate their patients on preventative care, diagnosis, and treatment. Using layman’s language instead of medical jargon is the best way to measure the excellent communication skills of a dentist.

Exceptional Manual dexterity

Exceptional manual dexterity is a skill most good dentists have. The hands used for working the relatively small space of the mouth needs to be steady and well-coordinated.

Dental tools are accurately manipulated by a dentist with strong motor skills. He/she also needs to have good stamina to handle long dental procedures on some patients.

Excellent problem-solving skills

A good dentist needs to possess an essential trait called problem-solving skills. A clear-cut dental solution is not always present with every patient. Often, thinking outside the box is a trait that a dentist needs to develop over the years.

The best treatment for every patient that walks in the door of a dental clinic is a dentist possessing excellent problem-solving skills. This means that any patient is ensured the best dental treatment approach and resolution every time and all the time.

Honest and Compassionate

An honest and compassionate dentist is what people want. The poor dental health and problems can be the result of a lot of factors in a patient’s life. A compassionate and sensitive dentist will make things comfortable for the patient as they seek his/her help.

Being sensitive and compassionate should also be served with a huge dollop of honesty. Trust issues may occur between patient and dentist in the absence of honesty. Patients tend to stay away from medical practitioners who have not been honest with their diagnosis and judgement.


Ideally, a good dentist is patient. A dentist giving in to the temptation of scheduling narrow time windows for patients also leaves them little time to discuss care as well.

People of all ages and walks of life have to be dealt with by a dentist. This means a dentist should possess the patience to treat people with disabilities, children, people with negative attitudes, and elderly patients.

Medical conditions related to the mouth including the gums and teeth are diagnosed and treated by dentists. Getting a good one is the tricky part. We are here to help. Maroubra dentists cater to all applications.

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